Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Day 22

 Day 22 out of 24, oh my!!!  As it is always important to keep homesteaders on their toes we began our day learning a new song.  Today we sang:  the Coffee song, the Tin Soldier, the Song of the Soul, Sneeze on Me (like Lean on Me, adapted by Lula), the Llama song, the Gibberish song, and Bohemian Rhapsody.  We are pretty much awesome at singing.  Next we moved onto the plan of the day.  This is somewhat to give everyone an idea of what is in store, it is also to teach homesteaders proper grammar and spelling.  Now that we are at day 22, I think I can say that we have succeeded in unlearning the homesteaders everything their language arts teachers taught them.  The morning beZerk had homesteaders working diligently (and not so diligently) on their mini fair attractions and signage.  The afternoon brought swimming, more mini fair work, map work, the BIG string finally came down, a nice mid week campfire show, and the DJs on the radio managed to blow the Village amp... so if you have one to get rid of, we could really use it!  (I'm not joking here)
Working on *** for the mini fair

working on ******* ****** for the mini fair

making ****** for the mini fair

adding the finishing touches to a ride

the peeps of Fez
this is how we work together to get to the pond more faster
 Today's campfire was organized by homesteader Harley.  He did an wonderful job!!!  We enjoyed simultaneous lectures, a dance by Lula and Fallon, ninja tug of war, and ding.

Lilly and Nick simultaneously speak to us about star fish digestion and leprechauns on Mars, and George Washington's little known hobby as a dancer!

"...he swivels to the left..."
a captive audience
Cedric and Pasley give speeches about the reason for roller skates to do back flips in Kentucky illegally, and self cannibalistic capes.  "...once the cape is in the universes stomach..."
Lula and Fallon impress us with their dance moves.


Ninja tug of war!

everyone cheers for Fallon

cheers for Ced

Playing ding.  Somehow our participants (a lawyer and a swimmer) wound up in a dance off!

Today we liked (in two words or less):

  • campfire!!!!!!!
  • stuff done
  • sign
  • mini ride
  • finished wheel
  • snickerdoodles
  • remembered cookies
  • success tomorrow
  • ninja war
  • this day
  •  all day
  •  mini fair
  • chemical pants
  • strange Lula dance
  • day
  • whole day
  • Fallon's
  • whole entire day
  • entire day!!
We wish:
  • mini fair goes well
  • cookies
  • mini fair
  • mini fair today
  • wooden dagger
  • pop Marios nose...
  • more snickerdoodles
  • good experimentation
  • cookies/rainbows
  • mmmbbbmmmlll
  • many fish
  • pepperoni pizza
  • mmmbbblll
  • travel
  • cookies
  • rainbows
  • day
  • cookies and brownies
  • nap
  • more whole entire day
  • moe cookies
  • successful mini fair
Remember to get plenty of sleep tonight because tomorrow is the Mini Fair!!!!! 

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Day 21

 There is very little that I will share today...  We are in secret mode getting things ready for the Mini Fair.  Are you coming????  The Fez Mini Fair will be this Thursday from 3 to 6pm.  THis morning we sang Great Green Gobs... of sneezed out coffee, got kazoos out and sang/kazooed Lean on Me, a new song called Song of the Soul, the Llama song, and the Coffee song.  Our morning work was spent making decisions about mini fair, paying off federal loans, printing more fish fingers, and werking real hard!!!!  This continued in the afternoon when we also added the completion of the big map back into the mix.  A bright idea came up at lunch:  a peep bus stop "Wait, can it be a train?").  The purpose of the peep bus is to make more time for CTF and other games by helping to get corvee started earlier.  The big idea being that if a few people carry all of the peeps down to their houses and put them to bed (or whatever it is that the peeps do in our absence), then no short or tired legs hold us back from our greatest potential.  I would rate this idea as very positive- one of our first real exhibits of teamwork.  In practice (at least for the this first time) I would at best be able to call it a work in progress.  Something about the peep bus being gone got all of the homesteaders thinking only about #1, rather than the usual, "I'll help you because my job is finished."  Instead of the usual 20ish minutes of putting peeps back in houses and corvee-ing, this took MUCH longer!  Less time for games.  Oh well.

Peep bus stop!
Today we liked:
  • had my birthday
  • good day
  • played a game
  • CTF!!!!!
  • working on the town map
  • it's almost mini fair!!
  • mini fair is this week!
  • still not being blocked by Harley
  • mmmmble
  • the entire day!
  • mini fair attractions are coming together
  • the whole day!!
  • ******* ***** is coming together
  • working on mini fair projects
We wish:
  • to remember to make cookies to share tomorrow
  • mini fair imports will be low priced
  • it wasn't the last week of Village
  • we could have a few more weeks in Village
  • I wasn't allergic to eggs
  • we'd stop wasting so much paint
  • to continue Village for 2 more weeks
  • the last day wasn't this week
  • for rainbow colored cookies
  • there weren't so many itty bitty tragedies
  • ***** ******* won't collapse
  • nothing happens that is bad and that Ewan finds his socks
  • to have mini fair attractions done by tomorrow
  • for cookies and rainbows
  • for a hula hoop
  • E wouldn't make her pictures so small
  • for water
  • Lilly actually bring cookies

In case I forgot to mention it...

join us on Thursday from 3 to 6 for the Mini Fair!!!!!