This summer we have many familiar faces facilitating Village.  Our bios are the result of pre-Village commissioner team building!

Sarah Bollinger
There was something there that was irritating her.  It was a rap, rap, rapping on her chamber door.  I've found stargazing easier in the early morning than late at night, though the steam from my coffee clouds my glasses so I am never sure about the actual location of the Milky Way.  I really love milk.  A whole lot.  It is nice to lean on a billowy pillow and drink milk.  I hunt tadpoles.  It is only to please the great pumpkin, who awakens every year.  On a separate note, I'd like to mention that I've perfected the art of scrapbooking, and have made great strides down many new avenues.  One such avenue brought me to my first mustache.  Which brings me back to Village, which is what we were talking about right?  The Village is the only family I've known since the wolf pack that raised me, and though initially I found it tough to fit in here, once I understood the idea of scale I have found building this community quite a bit easier.

Jesslyn Mullett
My name is Jesslyn and I love grapes.  They give me the ability to do amazing things, like juggling flaming daggers.  I was raised by my mother to become king of pride rock, though I always fancied myself more of the Fraggle Rock type.  It has something to do with the cotton candy hair.  When I am frustrated I chew on my hair.  I wish it tasted better.  Then my friends at Village told me about maple cotton candy, now my hair tastes great, which is why I keep coming back every summer!  Now I sell stuff to marts with the help of five wheeled, peanut butter cart pushers who demand three daisies and a can of grease for their pay.  But I digress, Village is the BEST way to spend the summer.  So here I am again with my friends, and my peeps.  It is much better than my old friends, a pile of rocks. 

Owen Iselin
My name is Owen and I don't swim with sharks anymore because  they said I was too tough for them.  This year I've enjoyed many books- though I find the older, leather bound books a bit dry and tough to stomach.  Not just tough to stomach but actually tough to chew and swallow.  Although I do enjoy a good rawhide.  But then, I am a puppy and I still have my milk teeth.  Someday I will come out of the ocean and lose my fishtail to become a real person- though I'm concerned that the strength of my new legs will never be equal to the power I've achieved in my tail.  I can make things disappear with it.  Also in the pond there is lilypads   This is where I play cards with a bulldog and a border collie.  And though I'm notorious for my magnanimity I don't usually let them win.

Jordan Hicks
My name is Jordan and I enjoy fruits of all types, though star fruits have always been my particular favorite.  It is hard to walk outside when it is raining too much, which I do because I like it when the ground goes "squish!"  My only weakness is a picture of David Hasselhoff.  Though I considered many careers- from tibetan monk to marine biologist to spinning instructor, I'm pleased I'll be spending my summer building in miniature.  I hope to actually put my prior interests to use at Village, spinning in particular- plates, hoops, you name it.  I always do, that's what's magic about it.  I have always looked up to Elvis Presley for inspiring me to do this, though I can also credit Roald Dahl and Shel Silverstein with inspiring my most impressive stunts.  We have an amazing summer ahead!!

Evie Bollinger
Evie will be joining the ranks this summer as a CIT!

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