Friday, August 2, 2013

Last Day

Our last and final day of Village 2013.  We began by singing as much as possible.  Sometimes it is the Village tradition to sing every song... but we had too much to do to spend and hour and a half singing.  Instead we sang:  the Llama song, the Copper Coffee Pot song, the Done song, Mountain Dew, Song of the Soul, Lean on Me, Darlin', the Sun song, the Titanic, Bohemian Rhapsody, and probably a few others.  We are experts at Bohemian Rhapsody, the hope is that we can meet up with all of these homesteaders at a later date for some sweet karaoke!   After singin' it was all werk, cleaning up from the big, wet party also known as Mini Fair!  This went surprisingly quickly considering how long it took us to make such a big, wet mess.  Once all of the garbage had been cleaned up; tables, rides and exhibits picked up, homesteaders took down their fences and removed all traces of the magic that happened at Village Field Farm this summer (including unbraiding the grass).  It is pleasing to know that the last and loudest song on our final day was Bohemian Rhapsody.  I am sure it must have echoed beyond the walls of the barn in which it was sung.  The return of the land to its original state also went very quickly and for the first time in five weeks we were on schedule!  At 11am sharp homesteaders were washing up for snack.  At 11:30 they left to swim.  Jordan and I stayed behind to get everything ready for the auction.  We magically showed up at the pond at exactly the time the homesteaders were supposed to be getting out of the water!

unbraiding the grass

do you know where your water bottle is???

The pile o rocks for next years fences- or for the quarry owner.  It will be a very clever homesteader indeed who chooses this spot for their acre next summer.  

the well worn path to the acre

 It was right around auction time that Will's mom and little sister showed up with this years tee shirts.  They are amazing!!!!  Thank you so much Amy and Maggie and the Mountain Corp for donating them!!!
 Everyone donned a shirt, posed for one (or ten) more group photo(s) and the bidding began!

embroidered doormats up for auction

a very comfy, plush bed up for auction

Living room set up for auction

Thank you Evie for making SO many BEAUTIFUL things for the auction!!!!

wheel barrow full o sheep poo up for auction

this is how we tyrannosaurus 

look at all those fish fingers!

sold to the girl with the shirt!


Emmett models our awesome new shirt!!

 After the auction we did our awards ceremony...
Fallon- the Cookies and Rainbows award

Ced- the Frank Lloyd Wright award

Sam- the Super Secret Ninja award

Will- the Chatterbox award

Lula- the Grassroots Goodtimes award

Inga- the Village Forever award

Corinne- the Famous Farmer award 

Jerry- the Academy award

Aidan- the Cronkite Prestigious, Pretentious Journalism award

Lilly- the Mysterious Universe award

Paisley- the Recline to Revolt award

Harley- CIT award

Katie- Where is My Mind award
Ewan- Ampersand Also award

Elizabeth- the Sherlock award

Nick_ Manager's Special award

Tae'lar- Frank Oz award

Sarah H- Diligence award

Sarah Z- C.I.T.I.T award
Not pictured:  Elizabeth S.- Rapidamente award and Victoria- the Satellite award.

After the awards ceremony, Sandy surprised everybody with ice cream!!! Thank you Sandy!!

This summer we liked:

  • the auction!
  • ice cream!
  • getting a good property
  • the entire Village program!!!!!!!!!!!
  • the entire summer!!!!
  • all of Village!!!!!
  • being here with you guys!!
    didn't injure myself this year
  • coming to Village for the first time
  • the newspaper!
  • the radio and the newspaper
  • learning how to do a lot of things I didn't know before- like using power tools
  • new faces to Village adapting so well
  • Village played out very nicely
  • everyone had a great Village experience
  • playing CTF
  • the government was stable enough to withstand the rebellion
  • getting to know everyone
  • no one went to the hospital or got hurt or sick enough to call any parents to come and pick kids up!
  • great singin'
  • all of Village
  • a great time here all summer
  • by far, the most successful and awesome Village
We wish (for next year):
  • Village didn't end today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • for no school, just Village
  • it wasn't the last day of Village!!!
  • it wasn't over!!!!!
  • to do this for another 250 days, until it is summer again and then repeat!
  • next year the government and the revolution go "that" much further!
  • more challenging CTF next summer
  • Everyone comes back next year!!!!!!
  • dreams come true (and there wasn't so much farting -cue the whoopie cushion and some large real flatulence!)
  • to come again next summer!!!
Our achievements this summer:
  • getting a tool license
  • made awesome furniture
  • made more money than last year, also better at running and swimming!
  • made a good house
  • did a good enough job as the radio station manager
  • going to camp for the first time
  • made some new friends and survived without Elizabeth S. for a couple weeks
  • my peep didn't get executed
  • built a glass house
  • the cob oven is still going!!
  • made some new friends
  • made a pyramid on stilts
  • helping homesteaders to achieve!
  • getting better at CTF than last summer
  • Sarah thinks I'm (Jordan) responsible enough to run Village next year (true fact: Jordan will be running Village next summer!)
  • making stuff for the mini fair and auction
  • another successful Village!
  • made a cool house
  • made a weird house that sort of worked with bubble windows
  • most successful year
  • so much work on so many things
  • learned to make picture frames from fabric and cardboard
  • created the map!
Thank you everyone for making this summer another one for the books!  All of the new friends and memories, I can't wait to play again next year!!!!