Glant, created by Paisley. Glant has delusia.  He is part dragon, part human, part polar bear, and fain.  He is certain that no, he is not part pig, giraffe, bat, horse, crow and scarecrow.  He lives in a stump which he found by following a toad across the field.  "How do you feel when people make fun of your genetics?"
"I don't care."
 Boris (age 50), created by Cedric.  Boris is from another homesteading town.  The town of the Great Peep Squirrel Massacre... "I took control and drove the squirrels away."  He lost an eye when he was knocked out of a tree during this battle.
Why do you talk so funny?
It's called growing up, are you jealous?
Is there 1 murderer in this room?
There are many, but I don't think any will happen today.
Do you know who Bat Man is?
Yes, I met him once
Annabelle, created by Corinne.  Annabelle is very interested in playing Village.  She loves the color purple and dogs (not dog meat).  Annabelle has a pet dog named Mojo who plays soccer.  She does not remember how old she is, she does not have amnesia.  Annabelle just forgets things.

Summer created by Lula.  Summer has not found her voice yet so she spoke through Lula.  Summer was in a car accident when she was four, she broke her nose in this accident and it has been crooked ever since.  She has lost an eye, actually three eyes since moving to Fez.  They just keep falling out!  She is a 24 year old unpaid photographer.  She also has won a shark training contest.  Summer did not, however, train a shark to eat off Stephanie's arm.  Her hair is blue because her mother was a mermaid.
 Stephanie created by Ingrid. Stephanie is a 30 year old marine biologist.  She loves learning about sharks.  She loves them so much that she lost an arm to a 100 mini foot horn shark whilst scuba diving.  She bears no grudge to said sharky.  Stephanie is quite British and plans to open a landscaping business while living in Fez because there are no sharks around here for her to study.
 Sarah created by Fallon.  Sarah likes nature, flowers and the Eiffel Tower.  She is somewhat absent minded and kept losing track of her thoughts during her interview.  Sarah is 20 years old and not British, she "grew up in British."  She used to climb up the Eiffel Tower every morning before she moved here, she used to live underneath it.  Other peeps were curious if she climbed the inside or outside and if she was spider man.  Sarah informed us all that she was climbing up the inside.
Casandra created by Aidan.  Casandra was unwilling to answer any personal questions because they were "too personal."   We did find out that everyone loves her, she is bratty, delicate, and a skunk hunter.  She hunts the skunks with her long, strong fingernails.  Casandra wears the fruit of her hunt wrapped around her in a big furry coat.
Gramma created by Victoria.  "I am..... old.  I make cookies and I've been a lot of places."She does not play bingo and she does not have grandkids.  "They disappeared under my care."  Gramma moved to Fez because she thought it looked nice, not because she is on the run from losing her grandkids.  She did not eat them like the witch in Hansel and Gretel.

By the end of her interview her feelings for Fez had changed, now she thinks it is crazy.  I hope she doesn't regret moving here!
Dizzy Izzy created by Jared.  "I like tomatoes and capes and beef stew.  The beef is blowing up today!  My friend is the wall.  My shoe is made out of cherries.  That's all, the principal."  There were many questions for this squirrel voiced peep.
"Why did you go mad?  Did you stare into a space void?"
"I was born this way."
"Why did the beef explode???"

He is 19 years old.
Jim created by Harley.  Jim likes poetry.  He does not write it.  He is a peep of few words.
Sherlock Holmes created by Lilly.  Age 36, lives in London and solves crimes.  Sherlock is a self proclaimed highly functioning sociopath.  The most gruesome case he ever solved involved a man without any limbs.  He keeps severed head in the refrigerator and plays the violin.

Sherlock's favorite color is navy blue.
John created by Elizabeth.  John is a retired army doctor.  He was sent home after being shot in the shoulder.  John is 7.5 mini feet tall and 38 years old.

He did not operate on himself when he was shot.

JohnB created by Nick.  John's favorite color is red and his favorite food is KFC.  When asked his age, John only replies that he is a college graduate.  Casandra wonders why he is so freaky and if he is wearing a shirt, it looks as though he only has skin on the top.  John replies, "I'm freaky?"  Jim asked a question about John's pants, but Jim is really hard to understand.  Rumor has it that John is wearing chemical pants because he has no skin on the bottom.  John informs us that he was born in New York and that "Grandma kicked me out."  Apparently John freaks out rather easily and many of our questions went unanswered.
Madame created by Sarah.  Madame has a tricky memory, it was many moments before she was able to share her name with us.  She is 12 years old and loves to read, especially Harry Potter.  Madame is unwilling to give us details as to where or parents are or why she doesn't seem to have any.  She detests celery and animal cruelty.  Madame's hair is dyed purple from when she was six.  "My grandparents had trouble with me."  Could it be that this is another of Grandma's missing grandchildren???

"Where is your forehead?"
"I recline to answer."
Jeff created by Will.  Jeff loves mangos and the color purple and art and music.  He was born in Vermont and was dragged to Village by his human, Will.  Jeff would like to be the town clerk although he is only eleven.  Jeff doesn't answer many of our questions:  Are you Grandma's grandchild?  Did she ditch you?  How did you get green hair?  How did you learn to cook food all by yourself???
 Ariana created by Kate.  Ariana was not raised by a pack of wolves.  She is 18 years old, but feels like 500 because her back really really hurts.  Ariana's back started hurting about a month ago.  The most interesting thing she ever did was to dye her hair as a rainbow.  Some got up her nose and it tasted like chocolate.
"Do you have rainbow boogers?"
"No, green and blue."
"How did you die?"
"I didn't die!  I dyed my hair!"
Bart created by Sam.  Bart, aka #2, not Bart Simpson and not Fart.  Bart is 11 years old and likes mangos.  He holds the record for eating 20 mangos in 30 seconds.  He farts 5 times a day, although someone in the crowd blurted out that the average American farts 14 time per day.  His parents ditched him in a place full of werewolves. "My parents hated me."  Bart is happy every day ("As you can see from my face") regardless of how he feels because he cannot wipe the smile off his face.  It is stuck there forever.
"Do you fart when you eat a poptart?"
"I use my pants as a shirt"

Zach, created by Ewan.  Zach is 25 years old and he likes to skateboard, bicycle, swim and relax.  He is not from around here, he is from across the world in Australia.  He was being attacked and he escaped.  Zach was attacked by cows and horses, "They ate everything and our houses and they accidently set everything on fire.  Then we ate the beef and everyone but me died."
Zach also forgets everything in less than ten seconds and his favorite color is black.  Zach is a very insulting peep.  He is rude and critical to everyone he calls on.  We do learn that he loves cookies!
 Emily Applebottom, created by Tae'lar.  Emily enjoys reading, music and cooking.  She write cookbook reviews, her favorite meal is fish and chips.  Her country of origin is England.  When Emily opens to floor for questions she says, "Don't question me!"  Her last name is NOT hyphenated.  She came to Fez to write for the newspaper as she saw this community as having good potential for news.  Emily is 24 years old and her favorite color is sea blue.
Rachel, created by Elizabeth.  Rachel begins her intro by letting us know that she has a weird nose, then she is overcome with giggles.  She is 13 years old, she is not an orphan and she doesn't know where her parents are.  Rachel's favorite color is green, her favorite animal is the cat.  She has no pets.  Rachel joins us from California.  Zach asks why she has such long, freaky hair and a weird nose.  Rachel reclines to answer the question and then is overcome with giggles again.

Elizabeth, created by Sarah.  Elizabeth is a 16 year old from Keene.  She likes to paint pictures of flowers.  She feels awkward moving to a town of mostly British peeps.  Other peeps are curious where her parents are, "Did you run away?"  Elizabeth's parents are dead, she ran away from her aunt's house to come here.  She packed up everything in the night and jumped out the window.

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