Friday, August 2, 2013

Mini Fair!!!

Mini fair... oh mini fair.  We began our mini fair with LOTS of hydration.  We also spent a fair amount of time singing things like Bohemian Rhapsody (we are getting quite good at this).  Then we drank more water- it is very, very important to stay hydrated when you have a big, important day like mini fair.  After SO much singing and SO much planning and announcements, we had a LOT of homesteaders and commissioners needing to pee.

pee queue


still waiting!!!
 Next on the agenda was to finish everything up.  This included last (or not quite last) minute touches on rides and attractions, more sign making, lots of table moving.... and moving just about everything else that was not bolted down, and more sign making.  Everyone knows that it takes many, many signs to thoroughly confuse fair goers.  In this, I think we were successful!

using power tools!

using power tools!

using power tools!

using power tools!

using power tools!

micro managing the sign painters

more paint!

so many signs!

getting the "Death....."  I forgot the rest of the name ready

all of us, looking dapper for the fair

"Hey look!  There's a chicken on the barnyard fence!"

ninja pose

the sky is falling!
Map o Fez

making insta peeps!

cup toss

where are the freeps?

waiting for rocket ride customers

roller coaster!

enticing muffins!

Ferris Wheel!!


Jokes, by Jim

corn... I mean tilt o whirl and wheel of fortune!

more muffins!


more cookies!

Hanging Gardens of Babylon

pizza ladies

petting zoo!


"let me throw your peep off this rock..."!

the rain begins

History of Fez


Rocket and parachute up in the sky at the same time!!!!

the timeline is melting!



fortunately many fair goers we kind enough to bring umbrellas, raincoats and ponchos to share.  Thank you!!!

an out of towner and hopefully future homesteader mans the abnormalities stage

Zach broke his neck, oh no!!

inside the Hanging Gardens exhibit

Despite the rain, we had SO MUCH FUN at the fair!!!!  Thank you everyone for joining us and making it a HUGE success on a small scale!!

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